Los Willows Wedding Fallbrook CA // Murrieta Wedding Photographers // Ryan & Sheyna

Okay.. I just have to say to start off.. Sheyna MADE me a shirt that says “On Weekends We Wedding” with a little camera underneath!!

Like… okay.. let me just let that sink in again while happy tears start to well up. Because that was SO sweet of her to do! I seriously LOVE that shirt, and cannot wait to rock it at future sessions and weddings. I told her she could totally make a side business out of that cuz SO many vendors would TOTALLY rock that kind of thing all. day. long!

But okay, I think it’s pretty obvious that if you have pets you are more than welcome to include them on wedding days, and I was so happy that Sheyna included her puppers too! Their engagement session was a blast including our four-legged friends and so when they came walking down the aisle sporting their eucalyptus wrapped leashes and adorable faces ready to support mom and dad. I couldn’t help but be pretty excited!

Los Willows never disappoints as a wedding venue because there are literally so many options for photos! From daylight to the evening, they have backdrops galore and truly enjoy shooting at their venue each time I get the chance!