Emerald Bay Wedding Laguna Beach CA // Temecula Wedding Photographers // Josh & Elise

Josh & Elise are the definition of “The Life of the Party.” Not only did Josh dance up the aisle during the processional with the officiant, but they even had a FUN choreographed dance for their guests, and the best man gave the best speech of the century complete with mullets and afros!

But to be completely serious, the way these two look at each other could melt anyone’s heart. The stories the officiant shared of how they each described each other was just perfect. Josh is the calm, cool, chill and collected half to Elise’s sweetness, organization and joy. They balance each other so well, and Elise gets MAJOR brownie points because she designed her own dress! I love when my couples choose the road less traveled for their wedding days in order for it to be as much them as they can make it! Elise couldn’t find something that was fitting her vision of her dress, and so she took matters into her own hands and had someone bring her vision to life!

Emerald Bay is one of the most gorgeous places on PCH - but I mean, to be honest, I don’t think any view living so close to the water could be bad. One of my favorite parts of the night was when we went to the beach for sunset photos and a group of young girls maybe 4-6 years old came over and asked with the most excited voices “Did you just get married?!?” to Josh and Elise. And not only did Josh & Elise affirm that question, they also were the kindest souls and asked if the girls wanted to take a photo with them! My heart melted. I was so thankful to have been chosen for such a special day!