Lago Vista Ranch Wedding Venue // Palm Springs Wedding Photographer // Kevin & Melissa

I literally can’t think of two people who are more selfless and others-centered than this couple right here! I genuinely don’t even think it’s possible for Melissa to be mean to anyone. And that sentence rang true through the whole day all the way to the speeches as well. Everyone was in agreement, Melissa & Kevin are the sweetest people on earth!

I had the pleasure of working with my dear friend Zena who did Melissa’s hair and makeup for her wedding day! As you will be able to see below, Zena KILLED it and helped enhance the inner beauty that Melissa already possesses into her outer beauty! I have such talented friends.

This may be a bit selfish, but aside from getting to work with these incredible individuals, I was so happy and honored that Kevin & Melissa completely and totally, 100% trusted me on their wedding day. We went down the road after the ceremony to a palm tree farm and unbeknownst to us, there was extremely loose dirt all over - to the point that we all sunk a bit when walking on it. But that didn’t stop them from being down to create some magic. They were absolutely down to do anything it took to make their photos look BOMB and as a photographer, that brings nothing but warm fuzzies to my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I am here for my couples 100% and always strive to put their interests above my own, but sometimes to create lasting memories, ya gotta get the dress a little dirty, and the fact that they were willing to do that means the world and more to me!

I have full confidence that you will feel all the beauty and love from this beautiful day at Lago Vista Ranch in Thermal, CA! Not only from Kevin & Melissa, but from the guests and family as well!

Be sure to scroll all the way through to see the surprise during the reception! This was the first time it happened to me and I was so freaking excited I didn’t know what to do with myself! HINT: it involves Star Wars :D

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