Behind the Name

See that handsome man? His name is Ryan, and I am engaged to him! He’s the reason why my logo has Garcia in it! New last name coming up in May 2020! #GarSeeYaAtTheAltar

Planning a wedding of my own has definitely made me appreciate all the time and effort YOU make in planning your own wedding!

So let’s just get one thing straight: you’re not just my clients and I’m not just your photographer. I want you to feel like we’ve been friends for years. 

Why? Because a friend notices the way your husband looks at you. She sees that tear before it falls and knows what to say. She feels the same joy you do when you say, “I Do.” I’m there to help keep you calm and get excited right alongside you. Just like a friend should.

I’ll do all that and photograph it. I want you to have these memories forever, so you can feel those feelings every time you look at your photos.



The Glow Up Is Real

A brief history 



KSquared | 2015

I know, I know. I’m cringing along with you. But my current (soon to be changing) last name is Katelyn Kipfer. So, KSquared, get it? This was me dipping my toe in the water of photography. I shot 30 weddings while I was still in college. I was hooked. I instantly knew it’s what I wanted to do forever. And also that I needed to adopt a better brand …


Kalon Weddings | 2017

This season of my life was one of discovery and empowerment. Kalon means beauty more than skin deep and that’s exactly what I learned. That my business wasn’t about making beautiful photos, but about serving people and showing them their love in photos. I learned something new at every wedding, getting a little better each time. I am equally proud of this season and humbled by the people who trusted me in it. 



Kate Garcia | 2019

The first two names and businesses feel a lot like the photos I used to represent them—younger versions of me. They were still me, but without the experience and knowledge I have now. Kate Garcia feels like coming home. Like settling in. It’s me with anticipation of a marriage on the way, a business that feels more like a lifestyle than a job, and a decade-old longing to still serve couples on the best day of their lives.